CycleNuts is all about what you do on a cycle. Yes - you!

We call what we do 'touring' - as in what it is we do in addition to or while riding.

CycleNuts is about: Short tours, long tours; Slow tours, fast tours, and at-your-pace tours; Ride-n-Refreshment tours, just having fun and getting lost tours, and point-in-mind tours; Local tours, out-of-town tours, overnight tours, cross-country tours; Day tours, night tours, AND day and night tours.

CycleNuts is and will be what we make of it as a society of cyclists.

CycleNuts is for anyone interested in cycling with others.


WTV it is - Ride it!

CycleNuts Skill Building Rides

CycleNuts is our concept - yours and mine.

It is and will be what we make of it.

And that is what makes it fun.

Creating a society of cyclists is nothing new.                                  There are plenty out there already doing it.

So, let's get creative!   Have some fun!  And ride!

CycleNuts is a work in progress - always adapting, changing, finding new ways to add enjoyment to the experience of riding - and having fun.

The vision of CycleNuts is to create a cycling society with a social media platform that links cyclists to cyclists and to cycling events. Members are always encouraged to post ideas for tours (rides) and events.

The goal of CycleNuts is to help cyclists meet and develop tours with other cyclists who share common cycling interests - and to have fun, exercise, increase cycling awareness in the community, exercise (did I say exercise, already?), cyclesocialize, get on our cycles, and produce lots of smiles. All skills levels are welcome. CycleNuts event tours will attempt to accommodate all attendees with a nobody-is-left-behind policy. All that is required is a cycle of some sort - uni, bi, tri, or tandem - and the ability to ride.